Why Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick Couldn’t Stand To Watch Fleetwood Mac

Rock music history has many dramas, conflicts, feuds, and bad blood between music acts. Some of them resolve after an agreement; others last for years. As a result, artists go in different directions after encountering each other, make unpleasant statements during interviews, or completely ignore one another’s presence in public.

Though she doesn’t directly have opinions regarding other acts, Grace Slick has a few rules about performing live and producing rock music. Therefore, she admitted she couldn’t stand watching Fleetwood Mac on stage in two separate interviews in 2015 and 2017. Let’s see the one-of-a-kind reason Slick couldn’t bear to look at a Fleetwood Mac show.

Why Did Grace Slick Refuse To See Fleetwood Mac Perform?

Grace Slick was the frontwomen of Jefferson Airplane, and she worked with the band between 1966 and 1972 and in 1989. After that, she performed with its successor bands, Jefferson Starship and Starship. However, Slick decided to retire in 1989 after the Jefferson Airplane reunion.

According to Slick, the reason for her retirement was getting older. In a 1988 interview, she argued that all rock stars over 50 should retire because they look stupid. In 2007, Slick still stood behind her remark, saying that rock and rap music is for younger audiences, and it’s silly for an older person to perform rock music.

Speaking to Classic Rock in 2015, Grace Slick said that she was okay listening to Fleetwood Mac as long as she didn’t look at them. Saying she couldn’t watch the band, Slick argued they sounded great when she looked away and imagined young musicians were singing the songs.

Here is what Grace Slick told Classic Rock about Fleetwood Mac:

“I saw a film of Fleetwood Mac doing something, and I was okay as long as I didn’t look at them. I couldn’t look at them. They sounded great, and if I looked away and imagined young people singing, I was okay with it.”

In a 2017 interview with Variety, Grace Slick also touched upon her contemporaries who were still touring. She stated that she liked one of Madonna’s shows on TV because she knew how to do a production with her energetic and well-costumed stage shows. Slick again said she couldn’t look at Fleetwood Mac’s shows because they are ‘old people singing.’

Speaking to Variety, Grace Slick said the following about her contemporaries:

“One that I saw on TV that I thought was well done was Madonna. I didn’t like her when she first came out, but I thought, ‘Man, somebody knows how to do a production.’ It was fantastic! Dancing boys and explosions and sh*t were all well-staged and well-costumed. She’s not a great singer, but she’s a good performer and did a beautiful job. I also saw a program with Fleetwood Mac. They sounded good, but I couldn’t look at it because there are all these old people singing.

Now 82 years old, Grace Slick argues that musicians over 50 should retire. Due to her beliefs, Slick finds it hard to watch Fleetwood Mac on stage, although she likes their sound. As for other acts, her rules apply to any rock or rap musician over a certain age, which many healthy old rockers don’t seem to care about as they hit the road regardless of being over 50.