Why David Crosby Called Grace Slick The ‘Chrome Nun’

Crosby, Stills & Nash icon David Crosby has been in the music industry for almost five decades. Therefore, his prosperous career allowed Crosby to make numerous friends from the rock community. The musician is 80 years old and hasn’t released any new material. Still, he put himself into the most celebrated rockers with his collaborations, group works, and solo efforts.

Though Jefferson Airplane singer Grace Slick didn’t have a long career as his fellow musician, she had a memorable tenure with and without her band. Since she was a notable figure in the rock scene, she had a few nicknames, such as Gracie and The Acid Queen. However, her close friend David Crosby also referred to the vocalist as the Chrome Nun, which stuck with her to this day.

David Crosby And Grace Slick Have A Friendship

Glace Slick and David Crosby gained recognition in the rock scene around the same time. Moreover, they both started their music career in 1964, which was the perfect environment for these two unapologetic and free-spirited artists. Inevitably, they started having a close friendship, went on vacations, and even worked together on their work.

David Crosby released his debut solo album ‘If I Could Only Remember My Name‘ on February 22, 1971. Several renowned guest musicians appear on the record, most of which were Crosby’s friends, such as Graham Nash, Neil Young, and Joni Mitchell. Upon its release, the record peaked at number 12 on the Billboard Top LPs chart, succeeding as the musician’s first album.

In addition to those who worked on the album, Grace Slick also appeared on ‘What Are Their Names’ with her vocals. Since the duo was close back then, Slick joined Crosby to record for his first solo album along with David Freiberg and Paul Kantner. Around the same time, the CSNY icon found a nickname for his fellow musician, and the two even released an album to honor it.

David Crosby Found A Nickname For Grace Slick

In a 2011 interview with Marc Myers, Grace Slick talked about The Chrome Nun title and how she got the name from David Crosby. Jefferson Airplane singer stated that the nickname wasn’t about their relationship since they have never had a sexual affair. However, Slick stressed that they had occasions where the two could’ve slept with each other, but they didn’t.

When they went on a vacation around the coast of Florida, Crosby and Slick were surrounded by naked people, particularly blonde girls. Back then, the CSNY icon thought the Jefferson Airplane vocalist was straight and not interested in women. Therefore, Crosby considered the word ‘chrome’ as her defense mechanism and the ‘nun’ for staying away from the scene.

When asked why David Crosby called her the Chrome Nun, Slick said:

It had nothing to do with the two of us. I never had f*cked David Crosby. There was a place where I could have, but I didn’t. Paul and I took a seaplane to Crosby’s boat somewhere off the coast of Florida. There were nude blonde girls running around serving while everyone was walking around without clothes on.

Crosby got an idea at that point that I was a little straighter than he imagined. Chrome is probably the defense mechanism part. Car bumpers were made out of chrome. The nun reference is my not getting into the scene. I never did orgies, not because I didn’t like the idea. I have nothing against them. But I only do one thing at a time. That was multitasking.”

After Grace Slick began using The Chrome Nun as her nickname, she decided to release a collaborative studio album with other Jefferson Airplane members in May 1973 titled ‘Baron von Tollbooth & the Chrome Nun.’ Crosby, who inspired the record’s name and Slick’s nickname, appeared on the album for the song, ‘The Ballad of the Chrome Nun.’

You can listen to ‘The Ballad of the Chrome Nun’ and ‘What Are Their Names’ below.