When Jimmy Page Played ‘Whole Lotta Love’ In Front Of Jack White And The Edge

There’s no doubt that the music industry has always been a very competitive era for both bands and solo musicians regardless of their genre and style. Throughout the years, almost every genre and musician aimed to be the current one’s successor and gain its attention and appreciation. The most known ones can be considered as competition between grunge and metal and rock and hip-hop which made the music lovers very confused while choosing their favorite.

Moreover, the same things happened between the instrumentalists especially the guitarist, of course, they tried to beat each other with newly composed solos and riffs and to show who’s the best of all time. As one of them, Led Zeppelin lead guitarist Jimmy Page became a source of inspiration and a rival for the new generation of musicians. Let’s check out the time when Page became an inspiration for U2’s The Edge and The White Stripes’s Jack White.

How Did Jimmy Page Impress The Edge And Jack White With His Performance?

Led Zeppelin released their second studio album entitled ‘Led Zeppelin II’ on October 22, 1969, in the US and on October 31, 1969, in the UK. The album got very positive reviews from music critics and fans by being described as one of the best and most influential records of its time. The band’s heaviest album sold millions of copies and some of its tracks hit the charts all around the world.

The song, ‘Whole Lotta Love,’ which was originally adapted from Willie Dixon’s ‘You Need Love,’ was their first hit and certified as gold back then. It reached number 75 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. Page’s riffs and guitar performance ranked number 3 in Q’s list of the 100 Greatest Guitar Tracks along with taking place on many other lists made by music magazines.

In addition to rock music fans who appreciate Page’s way of playing ‘Whole Lotta Love,’ two of his colleagues, U2 lead guitarist The Edge and The White Stripes’ Jack White were enchanted by the legendary musician’s performance when they were together for a very special occasion. Guitarists from three different generations, Page, The Edge, and White took place in Davis Guggenheim’s documentary film named ‘It Might Get Loud’ to share their own origin stories and milestone moments of their lives.

The film premiered at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival on September 5, 2008, and it consisted of unforgettable memories for their fans and the guitarists themselves. In one of the scenes, Page started playing Led Zeppelin’s iconic song ‘Whole Lotta Love’ in front of White and The Edge, and their reactions reflected their thoughts and feelings about Page even though they didn’t say anything about it during the performance.

The Edge stood up and got closer to Page while he was playing the song and both White and the Edge were so admired and stunned that they were like statues placed to watch Page. The audience can witness the rare moments of the three guitarists with different styles and ages coming together and sharing great memories. Thus, it seems that scenes from ‘It Might Get Loud’ will always be special for rock music history.

You can check out the video and song below.