What Was Dusty Hill’s Net Worth At The Time Of His Death? See Who Inherited His Money

The death of celebrities has often been early and unexpected for their beloved friends, family, and dedicated fans. The fans keep watching, listening, and reading their works, and thus, the artists become immortal through their legacies. As one of them, ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill devastated his fans with his unexpected death on July 28, but he will continue to live through the great songs of ZZ Top.

Dusty Hill started his music career by playing for local Dallas bands such as the Warlocks, the Cellar Dwellers, and American Blues alongside his brother Rocky Hill and Frank Beard, who would also become his bandmate in ZZ Top. Frank and Dusty wanted to pursue a rock music career so they joined Billy Gibbons’ Moving Sidewalks. After their disbandment, Gibbons decided to form a new band named ZZ Top with Hill And Beard.

Dusty Hill Net Worth $60 Million

ZZ Top released its debut studio album entitled ‘ZZ Top’s First Album’ on January 16, 1971. The album drew great attention as it combined different genres and styles such as boogie, hard rock, and Southern rock. The success was followed by fourteen more albums. Also, Hill’s performance as a bassist and back vocalist was highly appreciated by the fans.

The commercial success and popularity of their albums made the band members millionaires. The band’s late bassist Dusty Hill was sharing the title of being the richest member of the band with a net worth of $60 million with the band’s vocalist and guitarist, Billy Gibbons. Apart from his remarkable music career, Hill also appeared in different movies and TV shows such as ‘Back to the Future Part III,’ and ‘Mother Goose Rock ‘n’ Rhyme.’

Who Inherited Dusty Hill’s Fortune?

Unfortunately, Dusty Hill passed away on July 28, 2021, at his home in Texas. It was announced that he died in his sleep but the cause of his death still remains unknown. Dusty Hill was married to Charleen McCrory and the couple didn’t have any children even though they have been pursuing a happy and intimate relationship for a very long time.

However, Hill has a daughter named Charity, who was also an aspiring musician but was later convinced by her father to pursue a different career. Therefore his widow Charleen and his daughter Charity will have control over the late bassist’s $60 million worth of estate and fortune after his unexpected death. It seems that both of them will respect the will of Dusty Hill without turning his legacy into a subject of a legal battle.