What Happened To Eric Burdon Of The Animals

Eric Victor Burdon has dabbled in different entertainment industry fields throughout his career. He is not only an R&B singer and songwriter but also an occasional actor in documentaries and independent films. He is widely recognized for his lead vocals in The Animals, followed by his time within the band War. His strong blues-rock voice and aggressive stage presence allowed him to become one of the most iconic singers of the British Invasion.

After The Animals separated, he found the funk-rock band War. Even though they had success with a few of their songs, Burdon had an asthma attack and had to leave the band. Although the musician was not as successful as during his tenure with The Animals, he continued his solo career and even released several studio albums. Let’s dive into the timeline of Burdon to see what the musician is up to currently and his latest works.

Eric Burdon’s Career In The Animals

The Animals rose to fame in the early 1960s as a part of the British blues and the R&B movement that was very prominent at the time. The band acquired its name from its untamed and aggressive stage presence. They even performed covers of icons such as Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker, and Jimmy Reed, gaining even more attraction.

Their biggest hit was the folk song ‘The House of the Rising Sun.’ This international hit put them on the map. They had several hits on the charts like ‘Sky Pilot,’ ‘I’m Crying,’ and many more over the years. Thanks to the band’s successful career, Burdon gained a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Animals in 1994.

However, the original band couldn’t stick together for long though Burdon tried to keep the group going for several years. They were eventually known as ‘Eric Burdon and the Animals.’ He drove the band and his visions of the sound the band should possess at the time. After lawsuits over whether he could reuse ‘The Animals’ again, he eventually won and formed the current lineup in 2016.

Eric Burdon’s Solo Career

After his time with The Animals and War, Burdon focused on his solo career. He released several studio albums with music legends such as Jimmy Witherspoon and Bobby Tench. In 1988, he even put together a 15-person band to record the album ‘I Used To Be An Animal’ in the US.

After a long 16-year hiatus, he returned with an album titled ‘My Secret Life.’ After their passing, he even released an R&B album titled ‘Soul of a Man’ to honor Ray Charles and John Lee Hooker. Burdon’s album, ‘Til Your Rivers Run Dry,’ released in 2013, was his last, and he has not released a full studio album since.