What Gene Simmons Thinks About Axl Rose And Guns N’ Roses

KISS bassist Gene Simmons’ previous interview with Music News has been described as controversial and meaningless by both Guns N’ Roses’ and the band’s frontman Axl Rose’s longtime fan base. His interview which he had in 2011 is still being targeted by the fans because of Simmons’ ideas about the band and Axl Rose. 

Gene Simmons is completely against the usage of alcohol, drugs, and other addictive substances and he always emphasized that he never used them and will never use them thanks to his mother. He previously stated that his mother, who is a concentration camp survivor, advised him to stay away from them all the time and this is the reason behind his being very healthy in spite of his age.

Simmons drew attention to consuming drugs and alcohol in almost every interview he participates. He considers that these addictions can cost people to lose many things such as their health, careers, families, and even their lives. During the interview, he claimed that Guns N’ Roses lost the chance of being the best rock band in the world because of Axl Rose being an addict to alcohol and heroin.

Gene Simmons focused on Axl Rose even though almost every member of GN’R has had addiction problems for a long time. Later, he was asked about what should have been done to set things right and he answered saying that Axl Rose could be better with a ‘good beating.’ GN’R fans reacted to his previous statements by claiming that Rose cannot be held responsible for it and there had always been a relationship between creativity and addiction.

In Simmons’ words, he said:

“Guns N’ Roses could have been the best band in the world and the reason they’re not is because of Axl Rose. Drugs, heroin, alcohol and, all that but ultimately it falls on Axl Rose’s shoulders.

A good beating would have helped. When you misbehaved as a little kid there’s someone there to give you what for. Then, when you become a grown-up, who’s there to set you straight?”

You can watch the interview below.