What Eric Clapton Is Doing These Days, His Daughter Ruth Explains

Rock and Blues guitarist Eric Clapton‘s daughter Ruth has made a Q&A session with her fans on Instagram and responded to a fan of her father asking how Eric has been spending his days during the coronavirus pandemic.

The iconic guitarist Eric Clapton had a short-term relationship with Yvonne Kelly and they had a daughter named Ruth, who turned 35 years old this year. Ruth has been working on her personal blog where she often writes about the insights of her life as a working mother of two.  As an active user of social media platforms, Ruth Clapton often answers questions from her fans and followers by starting short Q&A sessions on her Instagram account. The fans often ask questions about her father and the relationship they had.

As you may know, most recently, Eric Clapton collaborated with Northern Irish singer Van Morrison for a new song titled ‘Stand and Deliver’ which was released on December 4, 2020. Clapton’s latest project aimed to protest the government lockdowns and mandates due to the coronavirus pandemic, particularly in the United Kingdom.

However, Clapton’s devoted fans wanted to learn more about how the iconic guitarist has been spending his days during the pandemic. One of them asked Ruth to share what her father has been doing these days and expressed their love for Eric by calling him their superhero. In her response to the fan’s question, Ruth stated that her father has been doing good. She also mentioned that he has been just trucking on as everyone has been doing during the time of the pandemic.

Here is what the fan asked about Eric Clapton:

“How is your father doing? We love him very much, he is my superhero”

To which Ruth Clapton responded:

He’s doing good, just trucking on like the rest of us”

You can see the post Ruth Clapton shared on her Instagram Stories below.

Photo Credit: Ruth Clapton – Instagram