Wednesday 13 Shares His One Regret About Joey Jordison

In a recent chat during the ‘Wednesday 13 Plays Murderdolls Tour,’ George Dionne of asked Wednesday 13 about the possibility of having recorded new material with Joey Jordison between the release of ‘Women And Children Last’ and the passing of former Slipknot drummer.

The singer confirmed that they didn’t create anything new in that period but revealed a meeting with the late musician to discuss the matter. He expressed regret surrounding that memory and recalled:

“When Joey and I would get back together, it was [like we picked up where we left off] — talking about the same movies, same dumb stuff. It’s just like you do with an old friend — you just instantly click. And he was just like… Thinking back on it, I wanna kick myself ’cause he’s not here anymore. And I wish I would have acted on it. But that day at his house, he was, like, ‘I wanna do Murderdolls again. We’ve gotta do it. We’ve gotta do it. I wanna do it right now.’ And I was, like, ‘I can’t do it right this second.'”

The former Murderdolls member continued:

“I was, like, ‘I’ve gotta do this…. I’m doing this new album.’ I’d already started working [on it]. It seemed like he was excited about it to do it right then, and then I kind of kept him waiting. And then I came back to him right at the very beginning of the pandemic and was, like, ‘Yo, it looks like the world’s shutting down. You wanna work on a new album and do this?’ And he came back and was, like, ‘That sounds cool, man. I’ve gotta a couple things I’m working on. I’ll get back to you.’ And then, the world just kept changing. Everyone started doing their own thing. I started working on ‘Horrifier.'”

Following these delays, Jordison and Wednesday 13 had another chat about the idea when the late drummer texted the singer a month before his death.

Apparently, Jordison sent Wednesday 13 a video of him watching ‘their movie,’ ‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre,’ and suggested writing a song with The Hitchhiker’s quote, ‘I have this knife,’ as it was also a motto for the vocalist at that point:

“And I was, like. ‘Yeah.’ So I have to write that song now. So that will be on the next Wednesday 13 [album] — ‘I Have This Knife.’ And, actually, I’m having The Hitchhiker from ‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ at my show in Dallas; he’s my special guest. So, hopefully, if I record this song, I’ll have him on that song.”

Meanwhile, Wednesday 13 will continue touring with other Murderdolls members, Roman Surman and Jack Tankersley, to perform the band’s songs across the US. His next stop will be Whiskey A Go Go in West Hollywood on October 20.