Vince Neil Disables Comments On Instagram After ‘Car Crash’ Reactions While Giving Update On Music City Grand Prix

Mötley Crüe vocalist Vince Neil posted a picture on Instagram to give details about the Music City Grand Prix that he will also take part in, yet this time he decided to disable comments in his post considering the previous comments he received about him racing after the tragic car crash he involved years ago.

As you may remember, a couple of weeks ago, Vince Neil posted a picture of himself on Instagram while driving the NTT INDYCAR new circuit in Downtown Nashville with a Ferrari 360 Modena. Neil’s picture was considered as an indication that he would be a part of the upcoming Music City Grand Prix, a street circuit race, which will be held at the Nashville Street Circuit in the summer of 2021.

However, in the comment section of his post, Vince received many messages from his followers reminding him of the tragic car accident he involved in back in 1984, which caused the death of his friend, Razzle. According to the official reports, the drummer of Hanoi Rocks Nicholas ‘Razzle’ Dingley and his bandmates visited Neil’s house in Los Angeles.

Later that night, Vince and Razzle went to a liquor store to restock some beer for the party at his house. While driving drunk, Neil lost control of his car crashed into an ongoing car. The crash caused serious injuries to the two occupants of the other car and Razzle’s instant death at the collision.

Recently on Instagram, Vince Neil posted a picture of the official announcement showing his participation in the upcoming Music City Grand Prix which will take place on August 6-8, 2021. However, this time Neil didn’t write any caption on his post and he disabled the comments. Vince’s behavior seemed to be a precaution or a reaction to the previous upsetting comments he received about his involvement in the upcoming street circuit race.

Here is what the official announcement said:

“Join me at the Music City Grand Prix

Kick start your heart

Previously in 1992, Vince Neil also competed in the CART/Firestone/Dayton Indy Lights Series. He managed to finish 12th at Phoenix and at Portland, and 10th at Milwaukee with No. 69 Personal Investment Group car.

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