U2’s Bono On Avoiding The Pain Of Losing His Mother

U2’s lead vocalist Bono detailed how he had tried to cope with his mother’s untimely passing in his upcoming memoir ‘Surrender,’ in an excerpt he shared with the New Yorker.

Many have written about the lead vocalist and primary lyricist Bono’s music career and achievements as a member of the successful Irish rock band U2. The singer, who has acquired a special place in the rock scene with his vocal style and unique songwriting, talked about his life himself in all detail in his upcoming memoir.

In his autobiography, ‘ Surrender,’ which will hit the shelves in the following months, the rocker narrates his life, starting from his childhood in Dublin, including the sudden loss of his mother due to a brain aneurysm when he was 14. The singer, who experienced a turning point in his life after losing his mother, Iris, at a very early age, drowns the reader in deep sadness in the lines he talks about this memory.

Recently, Bono shared an excerpt from the memoir, which disclosed the musician’s reaction to his mother’s unexpected death after collapsing during her father’s funeral and experiencing a brain aneurysm. As the rocker wrote, he and his brother have too few memories of their mother. Bono continued that they had not thought and spoken about her following her passing to get rid of the pain while dealing with the loss.

Bono wrote the following about his mother’s untimely death:

“I have very few memories of my mother, Iris. Neither does my older brother, Norman. The simple explanation is that, in our house, after she died, she was never spoken of again. I fear it was worse than that. That we rarely thought of her again. We were three Irish men, and we avoided the pain that we knew would come from thinking and speaking about her.”

Losing his mother became a source of inspiration for many U2 songs, such as ‘I Will Follow You’ and ‘Iris (Hold Me Close),’ after years. Bono’s memoir ‘Surrender’ will contain 40 chapters named after the different tracks from the rock band and will hit the shelves on November 1.