U2’s Bono Details His Plans To Make An ‘Unforgiving’ Rock Album

The recent resurgence of pop-rock songs, which have climbed the charts and ignited interest in the genre, has caused a debate among rock musicians. While some like the attention, others don’t consider them to be genre-appropriate rock songs. In a recent interview with the New York Times, Bono shared his determination to make an uncompromising U2 rock album without worrying about making it to the pop charts.

After the singles from 2014’s ‘Songs Of Innocence’ and 2017’s ‘Songs Of Experience’ failed to make it on the pop charts, Bono was fired up to create a rock album that showed their stance towards pop charts. “Right now, I want to write the most unforgiving, obnoxious, defiant, f*ck-off-to-the-pop-charts rock ‘n’ roll song that we’ve ever made,” stated Bono, to emphasize the band’s desire to go back to their roots without considering how their tracks perform on the charts.

He added, “I spoke to Edge about it this week. He’s going, ‘Is it that call again?’ ‘What call?’ ‘The one about we’re going to write the big f*ck-off rock song?’ And I say, ‘Yeah, it’s our job!’ We can make songs famous now, but I don’t think U2 can make them hits. I don’t know who is going to make our f*ck-off rock ‘n’ roll album. You almost want an AC/DC; you want Mutt Lange. The approach. The discipline. The songwriting discipline. That’s what we want.”

Even though the ‘Songs Of Ascent’ album was initially planned as a sister record to 2009’s ‘No Line On The Horizon’ and is almost ready for release, Bono seems eager to drop a pure rock guitar album first. AC/DC’s discipline and approach to songwriting are what U2 aims for in their greatest rock album, which will challenge conforming to what’s expected from musicians to hit the charts.