Twenty One Pilots’ Tyler Joseph On Ending The ’Scaled And Icy’ Era

Twenty One Pilots, undeterred by the difficulties of the pandemic, released ‘Scaled And Icy’ in the spring of 2021. Then they set out with a hectic schedule. In a recent post on his Instagram account, Tyler Joseph announced the end of these busy but beautiful times.

“‘Scaled And Icy’ was created and born in a time of uncertainty,” the frontman wrote, recalling the difficulties brought about by the pandemic. “Live shows were always an important part of our DNA as a band. We probably wouldn’t even exist without them. We always wrote songs for the show, never the other way around. But I always wondered what it would be like to write a record that never existed in a concert setting.”

He continued, “Then we had no choice but to write that kind of record. So that’s what we tried. As the songs took shape, and we released them, and sat at home; we felt proud. Proud of our fans, mostly. It felt good to release music. But something was off. I wondered, what would happen to these songs if we let them echo through a venue? And then, slowly, live music began to dust itself off.”

Their schedule was very busy. Tyler noted, “71 shows and 14 countries later, ‘Scaled And Icy’ became something different. The lyrics meant something different, something more; the colors found their purpose, and the chords rubbed together differently. The record came to life. It was confirmed: This band and these specific songs needed live music.”

The frontman ended his post by thanking everyone who contributed to making these excellent live shows happen, “I want to thank our crew, who took us around the world during one of the toughest eras of touring ever. This past album cycle has meant so much to me. And you, you resilient bunch of my favorite people, you brought this to life and continue to support it. You have given me purpose, humility, and pride. You guys have given me so much. Thank you. And that concludes.”

Joseph seems quite satisfied to be able to make such an album and perform such beautiful live shows, especially in chaotic and uncertain times like a pandemic. After all, the album’s emergence is itself a need to breathe in these conditions. Even the title is a play on ‘scaled back and isolated.’

However, as a pretty clever title, it’s also an anagram of ‘Clancy is dead,’ a nod to the band’s previous album. The protagonist of ‘Trench’ was Clancy, as you may remember. Just five months after the release of ‘Trench,’ the members of Twenty One Pilots started to work on their new album without stopping, soon offering their new album to their fans.

Not giving up on the difficult conditions created by the pandemic, they put great effort into both the album and the promotion shows that followed. During the pandemic, there could be no better companion than music in all that isolated and lonely times, and Twenty One Pilots did their best in this regard.

Photo Credit: Tyler Joseph – Instagram