Turnstile Announces A Change Of Plans For The London Gig

Turnstile has been on several tours since the beginning of its career. The band has been giving hardcore punk fans a blast each time they have been on stage. They have shared the stage with iconic bands like My Chemical Romance previously, and currently, they are promoting their third studio album ‘Glow On’ with shows. However, they recently posted on their Instagram that they postponed a date for a concert, and the fans were furious.

It’s completely normal for artists to cancel or postpone dates for their shows for whatever reason. The fans are always understanding of the circumstances and are aware that it’s a very difficult task to collect so many people in a venue on the right date and at the right time. However, with every cancellation or postponement, there will be fans who speak out about this and state that it’s not fair.

Turnstile has been touring in Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, and they have been sharing cute photographs on their Instagram account, showing how much fun they have at every show. Yet they surprisingly said that they are postponing their Brixton show to August and added a Manchester show. The band also stated that there will only be UK shows in 2022.

Here is the caption:

“Brixton show is now in August – A night in Manchester added – Only UK shows this year.”

As you can see, there was absolutely no explanation, and that’s what the fans were mainly angry about. People pay money and sometimes even invest in these tickets, and any minor change could affect their plans and finances. Hence, this date change was not appreciated by most.

A fan exclaimed:

“Why? Give us a reason!”

To which another fan responded:

“Brixton is closed and has been for months all shows being moved.”

Another fan ironically wrote:

“Had flights, accommodation, and train booked to the original show – cheers guys, much appreciated.”

Turnstile should consider providing an explanation or reason for the postponement to address the concerns of their disappointed fans. Clear communication with their audience is crucial for maintaining a positive relationship with them and avoiding any negative impact on their reputation.

Photo Credit: Turnstile – Instagram