Tracii Guns Reacts To Political Campaign During Ted Nugent Concert

Tracii Guns from L.A. Guns expressed his surprise in a tweet about the political messages shared at a Ted Nugent concert.

He highlighted a video from a Texas trucker convoy rally, supported by Nugent and Sarah Palin, aimed at addressing the migrant crisis, with a note on the beliefs it propagated. The rocker wrote:

“People believe this sh*t.”

High-Profile Support For ‘Take Our Border Back’

In Dripping Springs, Texas, a significant rally titled ‘Take Our Border Back’ drew support from notable figures, including Palin and Nugent. The event, part of a nationwide convoy, aimed to draw attention to illegal border crossings and encourage voter registration for the upcoming presidential election.

Nugent performed the Star Spangled Banner before urging the crowd to register to vote, saying:

“If you’re here today and you’ve never registered to vote, I want you to leave right now because you did this.”

The Convoy’s Mission And Route

Dubbed ‘God’s Army,’ the convoy of conservative activists embarked on a journey starting from Norfolk, Virginia, with the mission to protest against the high numbers of migrants entering the United States. Their journey is set to conclude near Eagle Pass on the Texas border.

This movement criticizes the Biden administration for its handling of U.S. border security, marking a significant mobilization against what is perceived as lax immigration policies.

The convoy’s efforts reflect broader national and even international trends of political activism, reminiscent of similar demonstrations against COVID-19 vaccination mandates in 2022. This year’s protest, coupled with another convoy from California, underscores immigration as a key issue in the upcoming presidential election. With more than 2.5 million people reported to have crossed the southwestern U.S. border, the topic remains a hotbed of political debate.

See Guns’ tweet below.