Bush’s Gavin Rossdale Feels ‘Shame’ About Gwen Stefani Divorce

Gavin Rossdale opened up about his feelings about his divorce from Gwen Stefani in a new conversation with Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes on their podcast, Amy and T.J.

The Bush singer discussed the difficulties of experiencing relationship issues in the public eye. He didn’t directly mention Stefani, but he expressed regret over their separation, stating:

“My clearest, simplest shame. I never thought I’d ever get divorced. Sometimes I wish that, when you see the kids, there’s a loss. It would be nice if there was more of a connection with the person that made them with me.”

They Divorced After 14 Years

Rossdale and Stefani got married in 2002 and divorced in 2016. Their breakup got a lot of attention because of rumors that Rossdale had an affair with their three sons’ nanny. The frontman described the divorce as a ‘manic public divorce’ in a chat with Classic Rock:

“I went through a manic public divorce where one person gave their version, and I shut my mouth because we’ve got kids. Life has moved on, but it was a really tough time. They say divorce and death are the two hardest things to go through, so I’m one down!”

The singer also shared how it inspired honesty in the album ‘The Art of Survival,’ saying:

“It’s like I got a shot of adrenaline over a few years. It allows me to have a lot of honesty. It’s a very honest record.”

Last year, Rossdale spoke on the ‘Not So Hollywood’ podcast about how he and Stefani approach parenting differently for their three sons. So, they chose not to co-parent closely but to parent separately. He still believes this approach gives their children the freedom to develop their own perspectives and make their own choices.