Tony Iommi Says It Was The Best Thing For Ozzy Osbourne To Leave Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi explained why Ozzy Osbourne’s departure from the band was the best thing for everyone during a recent appearance on Eddie Trunk Podcast.

As you might recall, Ozzy Osbourne fired from Black Sabbath back in 1979 because of the state of the band and he was replaced by Ronnie James Dio as Ozzy continued his solo career.

In the conversation, Tony mentioned that Ozzy’s departure from the band was great for both Black Sabbath and Ozzy’s solo career because he made the band work once again.

Moreover, Tony said that Ozzy created his solo band and released such great music there, which was really great for his career. Because of that, Tony said that it was the best thing for everyone.

Here is what Tony Iommi said:

“Well, I think it was the best thing for Oz. It was the best thing for all of us because he’d made us work again, made us all realize, ‘Blimey, we’ve got to do something here.’

And it was great because Sharon got Ozzy rolling again, I mean, Ozzy went through a real bad dip in himself, and he was managed to be pulled out of it, and got a good band behind him.

And coming out with some good songs, it was really good. He took on another career, as we did, so we took on the career with Ron, and then Ozzy took on his career as his solo thing, which was really good. People have got two bands for the price of one, really.”

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