Tom Morello Confirms Måneskin Is Not A Manufactured Rock Band

Following their international breakthrough as the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest winners, Måneskin sparked many famous rockers’ interest, including Tom Morello. Speaking to Rolling Stone shortly after the release of their collab ‘Gossip,’ the guitarist said Måneskin was not a manufactured rock act that was put together for a purpose.

“I’m a fan of the band,” Morello admitted. “First of all, I’m very proud of my Italian heritage. The Morellos are from a small town called Pratiglione, which is at the base of the Italian Alps, and I’ve always felt a very strong connection with that country when I heard that there was a rock and roll band from Italy that was blowing up around the world. I was like, ‘Really? Come on!’ Then when I saw them play live, I loved the fact that they are one of the standard bearers now for rock and roll and a younger generation.”

Referring to Måneskin’s current place in the rock music scene, the musician continued, “People throughout history have counted rock and roll out, [and] in time and time again, there have been bands that have come forward and said, ‘We’re going to represent for now,’ and for young kids, now they’ve got this band, and they kick a**! I’ve seen them, I got to jam with them at their studio in Hollywood, and it’s a great band.”

“It’s not like some manufactured band put together for this or that,” the guitarist said, implying Måneskin has an authentic sound. Tom added, “They all play great, write great songs, and connect with the audience. If you’ve seen any footage of them playing in front of European festivals, it looks a lot like some of the big bands from the ’90s where the crowds are bouncing like this. So, they must be doing something right.”

The announcement of ‘Gossip’ came on December 12, when the Måneskin members tweeted a photo with Tom Morello and revealed the song’s title and release date. The song is the band’s last single from their upcoming album ‘Rush!’ and a follow-up to the first three singles titled ‘Mammamia,’ ‘Supermodel,’ and ‘The Loneliest.’

Yesterday, Tom Morello and Måneskin released the music video for their new collaboration, ‘Gossip.’ Before the release, Damiano David changed his look dramatically and shaved his head for the music video, in which fans can also see the band members wearing nothing but a smile.