Tobias Forge Says There’re Financial Struggles Even For Ghost

In a recent conversation with Metal Hammer, Tobias Forge opened up about Ghost’s financial difficulties.

The two LA shows of Ghost in September 2023 were recorded for a mysterious project, possibly a concert film or documentary. The band delivered a visually stunning performance with costume changes, a string quartet, and standout dancers, surpassing even their own theatrical standards. Speaking of those shows, the frontman said:

“We opened Pandora’s Box. We were adding all these other elements to the show that a lot of people – myself included – thought, ‘That would be cool to do all the time.’ Which is kind of complicated, because with something like the dancers, you’re essentially adding another team of performers. It’s another set of people who need to train and be in shape and travel and be fed.”

Budgetary Constraints In The Ghost Realm

Referring to the constraints and limitations Ghost faced in terms of financial resources, he added:

“There are still budgetary issues, absolutely. Every cool idea you can ever come up with is really expensive. It always costs money, and money is what controls everything. You have to pick and choose.”

However, the singer still considers future grand performances for Ghost, as he further noted:

“I’m such a big Rolling Stones fan, and I really love the film ‘Let’s Spend The Night Together.’ How that stage was built, it felt like this really colorful thing. I would freeze-frame the film and draw all the bits, just trying to understand how everything works and what the people on the stage were doing. I’ve always been fascinated by the behemoth that is the rock’ n’ roll live performance.”

Recording For The Mysterious Ghost Film

In Ghost’s two-night stint at the Forum in Inglewood, California, phones were banned, and a professional camera crew recorded the shows. Later, Forge confirmed in an October chat with Metal Hammer that Ghost is working on a movie, discussing:

“We were essentially shooting a film. And we used two nights of crowds as extras… It’s going to be a film with a concert element. So a lot of what you experienced [at the two LA shows] is going to be part of this project.”

He also said that initially, he felt overwhelmed when putting the movie together but then decided not to overthink it. When asked if Ghost’s upcoming film would be like Metallica’s 2013 film ‘Through The Never,’ which mixed concert footage with a fictional plot, Forge replied that it would be a concert combined with something else.