The Two Musicians Ritchie Blackmore Picked As His Heroes

Ritchie Blackmore‘s not-so-subtle guitar riffs have raised him and his previous band Deep Purple in the industry, making them one of the most recognized groups in rock and roll. Blackmore’s influence on the industry, his band, fans, and those who came after him with the dreams and hopes of becoming a successful guitarist is undeniable.

Though he’s an influential artist, Ritchie Blackmore also had names he was inspired by, but unlike many others, his heroes were only two musicians. While massive stars find it hard to admit they’re looking up to someone else, Blackmore did not hesitate to acknowledge those who impacted him in a 2019 conversation.

Which Musicians Ritchie Blackmore Was Inspired By?

In a 2019 interview, Blackmore revealed that he did more shows in Nippon Budokan than any other musician in the industry except Bob Dylan. He indicated that this is why he considers him his hero and then briefly mentioned that Billy Joel is also one of them.

Here is what he stated in 2019:

“I’ve done more shows at the Budokan than any other person other than Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan’s up and coming, my hero. I have two heroes over here. One is Billy Joel, and one is Bob Dylan.

He later talked about this in another interview in 2021 and detailed that he would love to play with Dylan. He continued by saying that even though it sounded funny for them both to play together, he was the only one that got his admiration because the musician remained mysterious no matter how famous he got.

Later in 2021, Blackmore said:

“I would love to play with Bob Dylan. I mean, it sounds kind of funny in a way, but he is the only person I admire in the business. I have been in the business for so long. He’s the one that I still feel remains mysterious.

There is something about him that I think is truly monumental, and he is so creative. When you think of all the songs that he has written, you know, ‘Mr. Tambourine Man,’ ‘Blowing In The Wind,’ it’s endless. So I’m a big fan of his.

Even though Blackmore talked more about Bob Dylan than Billy Joel, his 2019 interview dictates that he also thinks Joel is his hero. Joel is also one of the most appreciated musicians of all time, with his skills in songwriting and playing the piano. He is so associated with the instrument that he was named ‘Piano Man’ after releasing his 1973 album with the same name.