The Truth About Who’s In Charge Of Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant Clarified The Mystery Once

Led Zeppelin lead vocalist Robert Plant opened up about the roles among the band during an interview with famous journalist and tv host Charlie Rose back in 2012, and apparently, it’s the guitarist and founder Jimmy Page who was in charge of the band.

As many of you know, originally named the New Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin was founded by guitarist Jimmy Page who has always been considered as the leader of the band according to a huge number of fans due to the fact that he was the creator of most of the band’s music and director of the artistic aspect of the band.

While there’s a majority that often refers to the legendary guitarist as the leader of the band, there’s also a huge portion of fans who think it’s lead vocalist Robert Plant who is in charge of Led Zeppelin’s works since he has a big role in the band’s success thanks to being one of the greatest vocalists of all time and being the primary lyricist of the band.

However, it’s band members who should reveal the true leader of the band according to them and during an interview 9 years ago, Robert Plant actually revealed the band member who is in charge. As it wasn’t much of a surprise, Led Zeppelin frontman himself stated that it has always been Jimmy Page who leads the band.

Here is what Plant said:

“Well, Jimmy was in charge with the crafting initially and with the understanding and all that stuff. And Bonham and I were really just couldn’t believe we got the extra money for driving the van and I got some penicillin and we were feeling pretty good about all that stuff you know. And going back and telling all those people who kept crossing the road to avoid us that something was going on. As time went on we matured a little bit from the middle of England and we played a different role as things developed.”

You can watch the interview below.