The Supergroup Billy Joel Wanted To Form With Don Henley And Sting

The ‘Piano Man’ Billy Joel has established a very successful career with his solo ventures. He played the piano and used his voice to create songs that would leave a mark in the United States and earn the appreciation of the country’s citizens. He has released 13 studio albums starting from the 1970s to 2001 and has become one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

Aside from being a well-known solo artist, he had some experiences with bands like The Hassles and collaborations with Elton John and Paul McCartney. Still actively performing, but like many other musicians, the Covid-19 pandemic put a halt on his scheduled performances as well.

There have been rumors about the singer collaborating with Sting, Don Henley, and Paul Simon to form a supergroup and create an album together. In 2015, he addressed this idea and talked about working with such talented musicians. However, the idea was never actualized because of certain reasons that were not in his hands.

Why Did Billy Joel’s Supergroup Plans With Sting And Don Henley Fail?

In 2015, Billy Joel stated that he was thinking about forming a supergroup with three iconic musicians, Sting, Don Henley, and Paul Simon; however, his plans failed. During a conversation, Joel spoke about the supergroup and noted their busy schedules had made it difficult to come together and work on a new album.

Don Henley is known for his successful solo career as well as his adventure with the Eagles. On the other hand, Sting is a busy musician who has been pursuing a solo career and touring nonstop following an impressive tenure with The Police. They are both very successful musicians, and the idea of them coming together with Joel has been a dream for their fans. However, according to Billy Joel, they could never come together.

As he once again mentioned in a Q&A session with his fans in 2015, Joel would have liked to create something with Sting and Henley. However, their busy schedules never made it possible. He also made the audience laugh when he gave an example from Cream and stated that it would have been cool to create an album and just disappear.

Here is the question addressed to him in his concert:

“You, Sting, and Don Henley were supposed to put a supergroup together, an album.”

Here is Joel’s reply:

“I’ve been talking about doing something like that in a while, half-kidding but half-serious. I like both of those guys and think that they’re really talented. But if we ever had the time, we could sit down and put something together but, it just never worked out.

Don goes back to the Eagles when he’s not doing the Don thing, and Sting is all over the place doing, I don’t know Lute music or something. It was interesting that he was on tour with Paul Simon.

We talk about it, the supergroup. And then you implode. Plan a supergroup album and then just go away. Like Cream for something. It could be kind of cool but, it just never worked out.”

You can watch his answer below.