The Truth About Alice Cooper’s Brief Career In Politics

Just like Lenny asking in confusion to the drummer, ‘Skitch, how did we get here?’ in the ‘That Thing You Do!’ movie, most people who had seen the tabloids about making Alice Cooper an Arizona governor in the late 1980s were also asking the same question to one another. For a brief moment, the people around him ran him for governor, but that wasn’t the whole story. Here’s what actually happened, according to the rocker.

When the news was spreading around, it had been several months since Cooper had released the ‘Raise Your Fist and Yell’ album, and there was a bit of time to go for his next project ‘Trash.’ After the album had its moment, the general vibe gave people room to make assumptions that he was really getting into politics.

So during his supposed run for governor, the rocker had shown his stance against the two-party system and went on his path where he was quoted by St. Louis Post Dispatch to have said, “I’m definitely a write-in candidate. Hey, I’m a native. I’m a registered voter. I represent the Wild Party and even have a campaign slogan: ‘Alice Cooper: A Troubled Man for Troubled Times.’”

This quote he made in 1988 stuck with the public thanks to all media platforms that ran with the headline. It turns out Cooper was actually going along with it as a joke, and by calling it ‘Wild Party,’ he’d assumed that everyone would pick up on his sarcasm. Still, it became a whole debacle, especially since Arizona was struggling with state affairs during that time.

The story didn’t die down like any other to the point where he still had to explain himself in 2001 to Metal Edge when the topic came up again. The vocalist explained, “Well, they ran me for governor because it was absurd in Phoenix. We couldn’t keep a governor in Arizona because every governor got impeached. It was amazing; we had a string of them, about six in a row, that got impeached!”

At a certain point, he had to go on live television to address everything being discussed about him giving a shot to politics. He said, “I went on TV and made a statement saying, ‘I can not run for governor. I am not crooked enough to be the governor.’”

The interviewer did ask if Cooper would consider running for real and not as a joke, and he replied, “I would hate it. I hate politics. I absolutely hate politics. I mean, the most interesting thing that has happened in politics has been this last election.”

So, if you are still waiting for Alice Cooper to run for governor to this day, what can I tell you? It’s probably not going to happen. It was funny that this topic took too long back in the late 1980s, although Cooper is known to have very strong feelings about not liking politics. However, you can expect to see him on stage rocking to his jams like he has been doing all these years; you definitely don’t have to fret about that!