The Time Sharon Osbourne Fired Her Employee After Sending Him To A Suicide Mission, ‘Saving Artwork From Her Burning House’

The television personality and manager Sharon Osbourne, who’s also known as the wife of metal star Ozzy Osbourne, is known for her successful career both as the ex-host of ‘The Talk’ show and the manager of her husband and she’s often credited as the hero behind his career.

However, she has been facing some backlash due to her support for Pierce Morgan, who was criticized for his racist comments considering Meghan Markle. This backlash brought forth various questionable statements that she has made in the past, such as sending Ozzy’s assistant into her burning house to save their artwork.

Did Sharon Osbourne Send Her Employee Inside A Burning House To Save Her Belongings?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Back in 2019, during the TV show ‘Would I Lie To You?’ Christmas special, Sharon Osbourne told a story that she considered funny but seemed like quite the opposite to a lot of people. Apparently, years ago Sharon and Ozzy forgot a burning candle in their house and were woken up by the fire alarm.

Ozzy’s hair caught fire and after they put it out, the couple exited their house alongside their employees, but Sharon suddenly thought about the precious artwork that they own. Thus, she turned to Ozzy’s assistant who’d just woken up and told him to go back upstairs and bring down all the paintings, and although he was initially hesitant, Sharon demanded that he would.

Did Sharon Osbourne Fire The Employee Who She Sent Inside The Fire?

After the fire trucks and ambulances arrived, the tired employee ran to get to the oxygen mask, but instead, Sharon put in on their dog. After everything, Ozzy and Sharon sat down and started joking about everything that happened. That’s when Ozzy’s assistant spoke up and said that there’s nothing funny about it as he may now have ‘damaged lungs.’

To this, Sharon decided to respond with ‘If you don’t think that’s funny, do you think this is funny? You’re fired.’ Although Sharon told this story as a funny incident, there were a lot of people who criticized her for her disrespectfulness, selfishness, and insensitivity towards the people around her.

You can check out Sharon Osbourne telling the story of how she fired Ozzy’s assistant below.