The Time James Hetfield Teamed Up With Alice In Chains To Sing ‘Would?’

As many of you may recall, the legendary metal band Metallica‘s lead vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist James Hetfield had teamed up with the 90s grunge band Alice in Chains to perform their phenomenal song ‘Would?‘ back in 2006.

In 1981, James Hetfield co-founded Metallica, which was going to be the leading band of trash metal. In the early years of the band, they were struggling to survive in the music industry, but shortly after they became the legendary metal band that we listen to years after. The same also goes for Alice In Chains too. The band was formed in 1987 and gained prominence in the 90s with the rise of grunge.

In addition, the history of the team up with James Hetfield goes way back to the 90s. Alice in Chains was to start off their extensive world tour Jar of Flies in 1994 with Metallica and a couple of other bands but the band canceled the tour because the lead singer Layne Staley had entered rehab for his heroin addiction.

In June 2006, Hetfield teamed up with the grunge band during the show they did to raise a benefit at Rock Am Ring Festival in Germany. Hetfield was one of the few biggest names that shared the stage with the band. Metallica’s frontman came in as vocalist and performed the song ‘Would?’ along with Alice in Chains.

You can watch the video below.