The Story Of Karis Jagger: Mick Jagger’s Disowned Daughter

Mick Jagger is considered one of the most influential and iconic lead vocalists. Apart from his numerous musical achievements, Jagger has another thing to be proud of: being a father to eight children. The Rolling Stones icon has been married and divorced once, but he also had other relationships, resulting in eight children with five partners. Jagger currently has five grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Jagger had his first child with the singer and actress Marsha Hunt. He met Hunt in 1969, but she was married at that time. Despite the circumstances, Jagger and Hunt had a relationship. When they decided to separate in June 1970, the singer was pregnant with Karis Hunt Jagger, born on November 7, 1970. Although many of his children lived under the spotlight, Jagger’s relationship with Karis wasn’t very good initially. As it turns out, the Stones singer disowned her when she was born.

Which One of His Children Did Mick Jagger Disown?

When Mick Jagger first met Marsha Hunt, she was the female lead vocalist in the musical  ‘Hair.’ He approached Marsha to ask her to be on the cover of Stones’ single titled ‘Honky Tony Women.’ Hunt kindly refused Jagger’s offer, but he didn’t want to give up and turned up at her apartment. The two then started dating, and Jagger wrote the song ‘Brown Sugar’ for Hunt. The actress was married to Mike Ratledge, and Mick Jagger was in a relationship with Marianne Faithfull then. However, he ended the relationship and asked Hunt to move into his home.

After the pair started living together, they welcomed their daughter Karis. After Karis’ birth in November 1970, Hunt decided to move out of Jagger’s home due to their issues. Jagger then started dating Bianca Jagger and married her in 1971. Although he was the father of Karis, he didn’t want to be involved in her life. Besides, the singer also refused to finance her upbringing. This caused legal trouble and forced Jagger to put £10,000 into a trust fund for Karis.

Although this was the case, Jagger’s lawyers asked Hunt to sign papers to state Jagger wasn’t actually Karis’ father. Marsha Hunt and the seven-year-old Karis then moved to America in 1979, and she didn’t hesitate to tell her daughter that her father was the Rolling Stones frontman. When Karis was 12 years old, the singer finally accepted her as his daughter. However, their reunion resulted from the efforts of Jerry Hall, the actress dating Mick back then.

Marsha Hunt once told Daily Mail that she sang Karis Rolling Stones songs every night. Hunt then argued she didn’t know how things would’ve been for Karis if Mick Jagger hadn’t disowned her and was more involved in Karis’ life as her father. According to Marsha, Jagger had to accept that Karis was his daughter, but he didn’t want to do so and denied the facts.

As reported by YourTango, here is what Marsha Hunt told Daily Mail:

“I read to her every night, sang to her. I have no idea how different things would have been if Mick had been part of her life, but I know that the influence of celebrity, and all that goes with it, is difficult for children. He had to step down from a pedestal and say, ‘Yes, I’m her dad, come home with me,’ when he had publicly said something else.”

Karis and Mick then formed a father-and-daughter relationship, and Jerry Hall invited Karis to family events. The rock icon also attended many important events in his daughter’s life, including her graduation and wedding. When Jagger accepted a knighthood from Prince Charles, Karis was there. She also attended the funeral of Mick’s father in 2006 and helped her father overcome the loss of L’Wren Scott. Karis is currently a volunteer teacher and a passionate philanthropist like her father.