The Story Of How Guns N’ Roses Icon Slash Snuck A Mountain Lion Into A Hotel Room

The history of the legendary rock band, Guns N’ Roses was full of strange and mysterious situations and crazy adventures of its members. Although some of them could be made up stories that were created by magazines and the imaginary world of their fans, the story of the band’s lead guitarist Slash and his pet lion, Curtis was definitely true.

In 1993, Slash decided to move from Hollywood to a house in Los Angeles after he experienced the dangerous and destructive side of the house. However, Slash had different concerns about leaving his house since he is known for his great interest in wild animals which caused him to turn his house into a zoo. In his mansion, there were countless cats, venomous snakes, lizards, and a 100 kg mountain lion named Curtis.

Here’s what his friend, John Borg said about Curtis:

“He reached up with his front paw and got it around my neck and had me on my back in a split second. Next thing I noticed was him on top with his jaws around my neck. I was very calm and didn’t panic or try to get him off.

He was playing with me. Slash yelled at him, ‘get off Curtis!’ He then released me and I got up. I figured if he bit down it would have been a fast death. I did pet him more later, but didn’t squat down to rub his belly again.”

How Did Slash Sneak His Lion Curtis Into A Hotel?

As he previously opened up about his personal life in various occaisons, the house of Slash was full of joy, love, and danger at the same time. However, the peaceful life of Slash and his pets was interrupt by the massive Northridge earthquake which happened on On January 17, 1994, with a 6.7 magnitude. Slash’s house was also damaged because of the earthquake and he had to move into the Four Seasons hotel in Marina Del Rey.

Slash left his wild pets at his house except one which was his 100 kg mountain lion, Curtis. He snuck Curtis into the Four Seasons hotel and started to stay there with his lion in a suit. No one from the hotel wasn’t aware of the fact that they were welcoming a mountain lion as their guest.

Even after they realized it, the hotel staff let Slash stay there with Curtis. It must have been hard to ask the Guns N’ Roses legend to send away his predator pet. They stayed together in the hotel room until the house became available for their return. This exceptional adventure remained as one of the craziest stories of Slash.