The Song That Left Don Henley In Tears Every Time


As a drummer and singer who has been active in the music scene for over five decades, Don Henley of the Eagles has built a remarkable and prolific career both with the band and as a solo artist. When the Eagles broke up in 1980, the musician didn’t give a break to his musical efforts and released three solo studio albums and two more after the band’s reunion in 1994.

Although Henley has solo hits like ‘Dirty Laundry,’ ‘The Heart of the Matter,’ and ‘The Boys of Summer,’ he is best remembered for his works with the Eagles, including the iconic songs, ‘Hotel California,’ ‘Desperado,’ and ‘The Long Run.’ While the rocker has successfully channeled the raw emotions in himself to the listeners for years, there is also a song that makes Henley shed tears whenever he hears it somewhere.

What Is The Song That Makes Don Henley So Emotional?


When they first appeared on the music scene in 1971, the Eagles’ sound was characterized as a combination of rock and roll, country, and folk. In their later records, the band became associated with genres like soft rock, album rock, and arena rock. Still, the band has had a notable impact on country music for several decades, confirmed by their big country hit, ‘Lyin’ Eyes.’

In an interview with BBC Radio 2 in 2019, the Eagles icon Don Henley was asked to list his favorite songs of the country genre and explain what they meant for him. Besides the songs like Buck Owen’s ‘Act Naturally,’ Merle Haggard’s ‘Silver Wings,’ and Matraca Berg’s ‘If I Had Wings,’ another song that Henley named among his favorites was ‘Dreaming Fields‘ by Trisha Yearwood.

Then, talking about why it held such an important place for him, the Eagles singer gave credit to Matraca Berg for creating the song, but he said he likes Yearwood’s version more. Don Henley also revealed that ‘Dreaming Fields’ leaves him in tears every time he hears it. It has such a strong impact on him because the track’s lyrics remind him of his father and grandfather, who were farmers.

Don Henley’s words on ‘Dreaming Fields’:

“A woman who has recorded a Matraca Berg song called ‘Dreaming Fields’ and this is my favorite version. Matraca did this song, but I like Trisha Yearwood’s version better. I’m sorry, Matraca. I get tears in my eyes every time I hear this song. It just kills me because it reminds me of my father and my grandfather, who were both farmers at one point. This is a story, perhaps about Matraca Bergs’ grandfather.”

You can listen to the song below.