The Singer Johnny Depp Called A National Treasure


Besides being a very successful and famous actor in Hollywood, Johnny Depp has also been pursuing a professional music career for a long time. The American musician is a member of a supergroup called Hollywood Vampires with all-time greats like Alice Cooper and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry.

The band released their latest studio album ‘Rise’ on June 21, 2019. Although fans have been impatiently waiting for some new music from the band, it is hard to get major stars in one room. However, Johnny Depp returned to the studio in 2020 and recorded a cover of John Lennon’s ‘Isolation’ with Jeff Beck. Yet, that was not the last of their collaborations as the duo released a joint studio album titled ’18’ in July 2022.

Depp, who has tasted success as a famous actor and musician, also has his favorite artists who inspired and encouraged him to solidify his footprint on the rock and roll scene. But there is one artist in particular that Depp values more than any other artist. Let’s see who it is.

Who Is The British Musician Whom Johnny Depp Considers A Great Treasure?


Even after finding their sounds and voices as artists, the biggest rock stars have musicians they closely follow and admire. It is no different for Johnny Depp, who has been in the spotlight making music or movies for many years. According to him, Babybird’s frontman Stephen Jones is a living legend for his artistry, especially back home in the UK.

Frontman Stephen Jones has been in the game since the mid-1990s. The musician has achieved great success with singles like ‘You’re Gorgeous,’ ‘Candy Girl,’ andCornershop.’ After the hype around the band eventually died like most bands, Babybird decided to split. However, Jones had a lot more in him to give to his fans. The rocker continued his solo ventures with the Death of the Neighbourhood project. Later, he also created a new musical identity, Black Reindeer, and produced several instrumental albums.

The musician has done more than most over the years; he has been an essential part of the industry, so it is not surprising that Johnny Depp called him a national treasure during a 2009 interview with Entertainment Weekly. Depp chose Babybird’s ‘Ex-Maniac’ among his favorite albums and hoped the British singer to get the worldwide recognition he deserved.

Johnny Depp said the following about Babybird’s ‘Ex-Maniac’:

“This is going to be released next year. Frontman Stephen Jones is a national treasure if you’re British. For everyone else, he’s a diamond waiting to be found! Lyrically, he’s black as night, brilliant and sharp as a razor.”

You can listen to the album below.