The Serj Tankian Album He Described As ‘The Most Positive Music’ He Had Written


Since 1994, Serj Tankian has been making music with System Of A Down as the band’s primary lyricist and lead vocalist. Throughout the years, Tankian wrote or co-wrote lyrics exploring the topics of substance addiction, suicide, and politics. Besides, the band is well-known for its heavy criticism of globalization and war.

Tankian has also touched upon the same subjects in his own projects, separate from SOAD. As an outspoken person regarding his political views, the musician considers music an outlet to express his thoughts. Considering the matters he and the band have covered in their songs, it’s surprising to see that there was an album Tankian described as the most positive piece of work he ever wrote.

Which Record Did Serj Tankian Describe As His Most Positive Work?


When it comes to politics, both Serj Tankian and System Of A Down have come to the forefront with their bold statements and harsh criticisms. Tankian wholeheartedly supports human rights and social justice and has organized and participated in several protests for this cause. The musician covers those issues in his music and addresses war, terror, and politics in his lyrics.

Including Tankian, all System Of A Down members are of Armenian descent. So, Tankian and the band also cover the social and political issues Armenians have faced. The musician is a friend of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, and he was an executive producer and composer for a documentary about the politician titled ‘I Am Not Alone.’

The documentary film ‘I Am Not Alone’ was released in 2019 and revolved around Nikol Pashinyan’s role in the 2018 Armenian revolution. Tankian composed the film’s music and spoke to Billboard in 2021 to express his feelings about contributing to ‘I Am Not Alone.’

According to Serj Tankian, the songs he made for the documentary are the most positive pieces he has written, as ‘happy music’ is usually not his vibe. The rocker then stated that he was in Armenia during the revolution, and his musical efforts reflect that time and his excitement about it.

Here is what Serj Tankian said about the music he wrote for ‘I Am Not Alone’:

“It’s probably the most positive music I had written at that time. And I’m not known for happy music, to say the least. But because I was there in Armenia during the tail end of the revolution, I got to experience the elation in people’s eyes as they changed the country’s trajectory. So there is this musical elevation that comes from that time and my excitement of what that all meant.”

Below, you can listen to one of Serj Tankian’s songs that appeared in ‘I Am Not Alone’s soundtrack, titled ‘My Step.’