The Rush Song Geddy Lee Called A ‘Mistake’

As people can change over time, it’s understandable that many artists define some of their music efforts as mistakes or regrets. For instance, Pete Townshend wished he hadn’t created ‘Pinball Wizard’ from the Who’s ‘Tommy’ album, as he wrote it clumsily to impress Nik Cohn, a music critic. Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour despised ‘The Narrow Way’ so much that he didn’t even listen to it. Metallica’s James Hetfield also regretted making the song ‘Escape,’ which came about due to their record company’s insistence.

Everyone makes mistakes; what’s important is learning from them. In Rush’s case, guitarist Geddy Lee believes they learned from their mistakes and used them as guidestones to move forward. In a 2015 interview with Classic Rock, the guitarist remembered Rush’s mistakes on the path to success and mentioned a song from their catalog that he can define as a mistake.

Rush has many musical efforts in their catalog, which brought them remarkable success throughout their career. However, it turns out that the 1991 album ‘Roll The Bones’ had a song Geddy Lee regretted making. “I don’t know if entire albums fall into that category,” said the guitarist when Classic Rock asked him about the mistakes Rush made throughout the years. “But certainly, there are songs I don’t feel great about.”

“Just recently, I listened to the song ‘Neurotica,’” recalled Geddy Lee, revealing the song’s title. “I thought, what the f*ck was that? It’s just a strange tune. I feel we’ve had a very up-and-down career as songwriters, but one thing that’s always held true is our honesty about what we’re doing. Like it or not, this is what we are.”

So, Geddy Lee argued that making the song ‘Neurotica’ was a mistake because it had a strange tune that made him doubt whether they actually recorded it. However, the guitarist is aware that everyone can have ups and downs, and what’s important is being honest about their work. It seems like Lee believes Rush ultimately achieved this.