The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger Says He Doesn’t Have A Good Voice

The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger shared his thoughts on his voice in their BBC documentary series, ‘My Life as a Rolling Stone,’ claiming that he is not very confident about his capabilities as a vocalist.

If the Rolling Stones changed rock and roll and popular culture forever in the ’60s, Mick Jagger was one of the main contributors with his energetic stage presence, inimitable style, and distinctive vocals. It would be fair to say that the singer redefined what a rock and roll frontman meant with his charismatic persona and helped the group achieve tremendous success.

Besides his unique stage performances, Mick Jagger has also drawn attention with his songwriting abilities, which led to the birth of a highly successful songwriting partnership between him and the band’s guitarist Keith Richards. Although he has always been known for his career with the Stones, Jagger also pursued a respectable solo career and proved himself as a solo artist.

During his appearance in the documentary, the rocker stated that having a distinguishable voice is advantageous since it helps you stand out in this competitive field. Jagger explained that having a great voice is, of course, good, yet it doesn’t guarantee that you will be successful in your music career as it is not the only criterion. Then, the singer revealed that he doesn’t think he has a good voice but is still glad that he can perform the way he did in his early years. However, not having a great voice is okay for Mick Jagger as long as it does his job somehow.

Mick Jagger said the following about his voice:

“I think if you have an individual timbre of your voice which is recognizable just by luck, that really helps. Those of you who have great voices but… Like most of the great guitarists, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to be successful. ‘Have you got a good voice?’ No, technically, no, not really. I’m lucky I still can sing more or less like the same notes when I was 19 but I do not have a great voice, and it is okay because it does its job.”

You can watch the rest of the documentary below.