The Rolling Stones’ Darryl Jones Shares The Most Striking Thing About Sting

Darryl Jones recently spoke with Bass Player about his career before The Rolling Stones. He touched on his experience working with The Police’s Sting for his 1985 debut solo album, ‘The Dream Of The Blue Turtles.’

Revealing whether they talked about bass-playing as two bassists, Jones explained:

“Not really, but he wrote some great basslines, and my ear was open to that. What impressed me most about Sting, besides his obvious gifts as a composer and lyricist, was that he combines idioms so well – and that allows him to create his own music and his own market.”

The Difference Between Sting And Miles Davis

Before collaborating with Sting, Jones was a member of Miles Davis’ band. He recorded the bass parts for the late singer’s ‘Decoy’ in 1984 and joined him for ‘You’re Under Arrest’ in 1985.

Reflecting on his time with the Police bassist and Davis, he said:

“When I joined Sting’s band, people would ask about the difference between playing behind a trumpet and playing behind a voice, and I’d say, ‘Man, Miles is a voice!'”

Davis’ Effect On Jones’ Career

Jones joined The Rolling Stones as a bassist almost a decade after his work with Sting. His prior experience with Miles Davis influenced his audition process for the band, as he recalled:

“When the Stones were looking at bass players, they looked at my name on the list, and someone said, ‘Darryl Jones… who’s he played with?’ ‘Miles Davis,’ came the answer. ‘Let’s get him in…’ It doesn’t matter who it is; that’s always been the reaction. I introduced Sting to Miles during the recording of ‘You’re Under Arrest,’ and that blew Sting’s mind! Miles had everyone’s respect.”

Darryl Jones released eight albums with The Rolling Stones, but he wasn’t part of their latest record, ‘Hackney Diamonds.’ This album is the first since 1989’s ‘Steel Wheels’ not to feature the long-time band member.