The Phil Collins Song That Was Surpassed By Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ In Grammys

The music industry has always been a very competitive area in which the artists constantly try to become more successful and prove that they are more talented than the others. Most musicians and bands wanted to beat each other’s success through record sales, live performances, fan base, and awards. There was a common thought that the ones who surpassed the others in these different areas could call themselves the bests.

Grammy Awards was one of these symbolic battlefields where musicians could compete and win victories against each other. For decades, the Awards recognized outstanding achievements in the music industry. Although the artists’ fans thought that their idols deserved the awards, sometimes the voting members disagreed with them. Let’s look at The 26th Annual Grammy Awards, which can be seen as Michael Jackson’s year.

An Iconic Phil Collins Song Competed Against Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’

The 26th Annual Grammy Awards took place on February 28, 1984, at Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, and the most successful musicians and works from the previous year received awards for various categories. Also, it was broadcast live on TV and reached 51.67 million viewers, which made it a viral event. Donna Summer, Big Country, Bonnie Tyler, and Eurythmics’ performances drew significant attention that night.

However, Michael Jackson’s success with his sixth studio album entitled ‘Thriller’ became the most notable one for the night; he was nominated for twelve categories and won eight awards. Jackson won the Grammy award for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance, Best Male Rock Vocal Performance, Record of the Year, and Album of the Year, among many more. It can be said that there was great competition between Jackson and other artists.

One of the nominees for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance was Phil Collins’ ‘I Don’t Care Anymore,’ which belonged to his second solo studio album ‘Hello, I Must Be Going!’ released on November 5, 1982. The track and whole album received very positive reviews from music critics and longtime dedicated Genesis fans. ‘I Don’t Care Anymore’ became Collins’ signature song, but it couldn’t beat ‘Beat It.’

The Genesis star lost the Best Male Rock Vocal Performance award to the pop icon, which probably wasn’t a surprise for Collins. Even though he created a well-crafted song and performed it extraordinarily, the ‘Thriller’ album and almost every song in the album became a milestone and groundbreaking work for the whole era and rock music scene. It’s a Michale Jackson record that many people are still listening to.

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