The Onstage Feud Between John 5 And Marilyn Manson That Almost Ended In A Huge Fight

Rob Zombie’s lead guitarist John 5 seems to be quite happy with his current band. However, there was a time that he performed with Marilyn Manson and although John 5 is known for his kindness, there was a point that they were about to get in a fight with his boss while performing on stage.

In 1998, John 5 was hired by Manson to replace Zim Zum who had been fired during the recording process of Mechanical Animals. Although everything seemed fine between the two, their infamous onstage fight in the summer of 2003 shocked millions.

While performing ‘The Beautiful People’ at the Rock am Ring in 2003, Marilyn Manson started jumping around the stage and doing air kicks. John 5 was looking down and playing guitar when he was kicked by Marilyn which consequently angered him, and this almost turned to a physical fight after he threw down his guitar.

The context of why John 5 got so mad makes this incident heartbreaking. Apparently, in June 2003 when Manson was doing a series of shows in Europe, John 5 received the news that his father’s cancer had taken a turn for the worse and asked Manson to fly back home so as to say goodbye to his father.

Manson declined his request which triggered John 5’s severe anxiety and insomnia. The day they were supposed to go up on stage for the Rock am Ring, he hadn’t slept for four days and was emotionally drained. That’s when he received a phone call and while expecting bad news from his father, he was shocked to find out that his sister had overdosed and passed away.

Thus, on the performance day, John 5 was on the edge of having a big breakdown, and Manson’s kick didn’t help. He kept touring with Manson for a couple more months until he was fired. About that night, John 5 said there’s no bad blood between him and Manson and that he was not antagonizing John 5 following his reaction to the kick, but was rather trying to calm him down, asking him to keep his shit together for one more song.

You can watch the infamous kicking incident below.