The Only Rocker Paul McCartney Felt Nervous To Talk To


Despite countless documentaries, books, and interviews the Beatles provided their fans throughout the years, there is always something new they can find out about the band members. Their career together only lasted 12 years but impacted the industry more than any other band. Their sound, lyrics, and performances were regarded as the best of rock and roll, and each member is responsible for that.

However, John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s role in the band in writing the songs was more significant than George Harrison and Ringo Starr. They got to gain more fame and recognition throughout the years and became idols for so many people. That is why it is surprising to imagine that McCartney would be nervous about meeting another musician because he is a massive name in the industry.

Why Was Paul McCartney Nervous To Talk To Bob Dylan?


Bob Dylan is also a very influential musician that inspired most musicians with his acclaimed songwriting skills. He mainly gained appreciation through his lyrics being literal anthems of anti-war movements and providing peace worldwide. He also subjected political and philosophical topics and issues heard by the nation through their radio stations.

In a 2016 interview, Paul admitted that he was nervous to talk to Bob Dylan and didn’t know what to say. They were on tour together, called ‘Oldchella,’ when this encounter happened. Paul didn’t understand why he would feel this way towards another musician, especially knowing he had outstanding achievements. In the end, he decided that this is a ‘human condition,’ and it’s normal for someone to feel nervous about talking to somebody they admire.

McCartney’s statement about Dylan follows:

“Yeah, there’s one or two people who I would be quite nervous about. Bob Dylan would make me go, ‘Oh my God, what am I gonna say?‘ I did see him, we did Coachella, which was dubbed ‘Oldchella’ because it was like, Stones, Neil Young, and Bob Dylan. It was older acts, but it was great. I got to talk to Bob there, and he was really nice.

I don’t know why I would’ve been nervous, but you get that with some people. It is a funny thing actually when you think about it ‘what do you have to do to get secure in yourself.’ I would have thought that I would have done enough now to just go, ‘I’m cool, I don’t need to be nervous about anyone.’ It’s a human condition, I think.”

Oldchella was a six-day music festival in 2016 where The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Roger Waters, The Who, Bob Dylan, and Paul McCartney took place performing. The festival was called Desert Trip, later to be known as ‘Oldchella’ as the performers were old of age, and the creators of Coachella organized the event.