The Metal Singer Eddie Van Halen Asked To Join Van Halen


Van Halen significantly impacted the rock music scene by bringing freshness to hard rock. Besides their success in hard rock and heavy metal, they were also glam metal pioneers. The band has sold out almost 80 million copies since its debut with the album called ‘Van Halen,’ released in 1978. They proved their success in rock music by putting more hits on Billboard Hot 100 than other bands. It is also significant that it was one of the bands whose two albums sold more than 10 million copies in the United States.

The band was also known for lineup changes. After the ‘1984 tour,’  David Lee Roth decided to leave the band to continue his music career by founding a new group. As the vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Van Halen began to work with Montrose’s former frontman Sammy Hagar. The first album named ‘5150’ they created became Van Halen’s first number 1 album on the Billboard Charts. After Hagar’s departure in 1996, the band continued with other names until Sammy became a part of the band again in 2003. However, Sammy parted ways with the band permanently in 2005, leaving the band without a singer.

Why Did Sammy Hagar Leave Van Halen?


When Sammy Hagar first left Van Halen, the band continued with Gary Cherone until 2000. After Roth’s short attendance to the band, Van Halen reunited with Sammy Hagar in 2003. Later on, his departure from the band in 2005 was announced, leaving behind significant works like ‘5150,’ ‘OU812,’ and ‘For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.’

After Sammy’s departure, Van Halen searched for a new name. Daryl Hall was one of these artists Eddie asked to join the band as the new member. Hall stated that he was unsure whether Eddie was joking while requesting it. Hall did not accept Eddie’s offer because he wanted to continue his work. The other name Eddie asked was Ozzy Osbourne, as Ozzy mentioned in a past conversation.

Eddie Van Halen Wanted Ozzy Osbourne As The New Singer


In a conversation with Loudwire, Ozzy Osbourne recalled when Black Sabbath called out Van Halen to open Black Sabbath’s 1978 tour, which gave Van Halen a reputation worldwide. Osbourne expressed his admiration for Eddie’s guitar playing. As he mentioned, Eddie was so talented that he was playing the complex parts as if he had been doing an easy job.

Ozzy said in his words:

“You think you’ve seen it all. Then out of the blue, somebody comes out with such a revolutionized way of playing. To watch Eddie play was like his hands would turn into a spider. It was remarkable. He always made it look like it was so easy.”

Osbourne was asked whether he worked with Eddie offstage in the same conversation. He replied that he did not, but Eddie called him once. As Ozzy told, Eddie asked him if he wanted to be a member of Van Halen after Sammy Hagar left the band. However, according to Ozzy, Eddie was drunk when he called him to ask this question.

Ozzy Osbourne talked about the memory:

“No, no, no. He phoned me up one time and asked me if I wanted to sing in his band, way after Sammy. I think he was a bit drunk. We’ve all done one of them, calling at four o’clock in the morning, going, intentionally slurs speech.”

You can listen to the entire conversation below.