The KISS Member Who Described Paul Stanley And Gene Simmons As ‘Bad Guys’


KISS members experienced several challenging periods, losses, and lineup changes because of personal problems and creative differences, especially between the founding members, which can be seen as the consequence of fame. The band’s most known and original lineup, vocalist Paul Stanley, bassist Gene Simmons, lead guitarist Ace Frehley, and drummer Peter Criss often clashed during the late ’70s.

Peter Criss caused one of them after he started to sabotage KISS shows, during their Dynasty Tour, by stopping in the middle of the songs, slowing or fastening the tempo, and throwing drum sticks at Simmons many times. The tour started on June 15, 1979, in Lakeland and ended in Toledo on December 16, 1979, which turned into a nightmare for the remaining members. So, they needed to find a replacement.

Which KISS Drummer Called Paul Stanley And Gene Simmons ‘Bad Guys’?


Shortly after the tour, KISS revealed that they parted ways with Peter Criss, which was what their fans expected, considering the drummer’s aggressive behavior during that time. Then, they started to work with Anton Fig, who played all the drums in KISS’ eighth studio album entitled ‘Unmasked,’ released on May 20, 1980. However, Fig couldn’t stay in the band for a long time because Stanley and Simmons fired him after they had described him as not suitable for the band.

Therefore the band began inviting drummers to their auditions to find their new drummer, and it’s known that one of them was Tico Torres, who would become a Bon Jovi member later. Then, Eric Carr applied the auditions with a cassette tape in which he performed ‘Shandi,’ and KISS decided to hire this lesser-known musician from Brooklyn. Carr’s first make-up design was a ‘Hawk,’ but the drummer used the ‘Fox’ persona in his performances.

Eric Carr played drums on various KISS albums, ‘Creatures of the Night,’ ‘Lick It Up,’ ‘Animalize,’ ‘Asylum,’ ‘Crazy Nights,’ and ‘Chikara’ with many more. The band’s longtime fans appreciated his performance and thought that KISS had finally found the proper replacement for Peter Criss, but they were wrong about it. Unfortunately, the drummer was diagnosed with heart cancer, and doctors found tumors in his atrium and lungs in 1991.

He underwent a series of surgeries and required a prolonged treatment and recovery process. Thus, Simmons and Stanley replaced him with session drummer Eric Singer to perform the drums in their sixteenth studio album ‘Revenge.’ While Carr was still recovering, he wanted to work on a song from the album ‘God Gave Rock’ N’ Roll To You II,’ which was a cover of Argent’s ‘God Gave Rock and Roll to You.”

In Stanley’s words, he said:

Eric desperately wanted to work on the song, but he was still very frail. ‘You have to pay attention to your health now,’ I told him, ‘whether that means recuperating on a tropical island or just resting and focusing on yourself.'”

Although both Stanley and Simmons didn’t want him to play until he had fully recovered, Carr insisted on taking place in the music video and served as a backing vocalist. Carr suffered an aneurysm and brain hemorrhage a few days later, and he never woke up after that. The famous drummer passed away on November 24, 1991, at 41. His death devastated his fans, friends, and family worldwide.

Even though the KISS frontman explained the reason behind their decision, saying that he wanted Carr to ‘pay attention to his health,’ it seems that the drummer felt differently about this situation. Carr described his bandmates as bad guys who never supported him during his disease before his death. Stanley and Simmons found out about the drummer’s final thoughts after the late musician’s family didn’t welcome them at the funeral. Still, the singer and bassist highlighted that they never mistreated or excluded Carr.