The Infidelity Deal The Who’s Roger Daltrey Made With His Wife

After realizing their marriage was on the brink of ending, Yoko Ono decided to get creative to keep John Lennon interested. She, willingly, set up an affair for her husband with his assistant, thinking a hook-up with another woman would revoke Lennon’s interest in her.

So, ‘infidelity’ wasn’t a problem for Yoko and it appears that she wasn’t the only one. The Who singer Roger Daltrey also had a ‘deal’ with his wife, model Heather Taylor, when it came to openly having affairs.

The frontman discussed this particular deal with Irish News in 2018, saying how Heather had no problems with Daltrey having hookups since the model knew what she was getting into by marrying a rock star:

“If it [their marriage] was going to last, it had to be a marriage with no issues because of the business I was in. Life on the road, month after month, can be a very lonely place without company. And we were away on tour for five, six months at a time as one of the biggest rock bands in the world.”

Daltrey then carried on by delving deeper into why cheating was no reason to end a marriage:

“Sexual infidelity should never be a reason for divorce. For a man, it’s mostly just a s**g, unless you fall in love.”

He also praised his wife of 52 years, jokingly saying how he thinks she might be ‘the one:’

“I’m starting to like her [Heather] and I’m thinking of not kicking her out. I worship her. We are closer now than ever. She understood me and knew the business I was in, and accepted me for my honesty at the beginning, and it worked. We never let those silly things that usually break marriages up break ours up.”

However, it seems that not everyone was as flexible or understanding as Taylor when it came to Roger’s lifestyle as a rocker, as the singer had to leave his first wife Jackie, and, their son Simon, to carry on with his musical career and life on the road with The Who.