The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney On Calling Noel Gallagher ‘The Chord Lord’

In a recent interview with NME, The Black Keys‘ drummer Patrick Carney delved into the band’s upcoming collaboration with Noel Gallagher, the iconic member of Oasis. He opened up about the experience of working with the guitarist while also touching on his admiration for both him and his brother, Liam.

The Gallagher brothers had a notorious falling out that led to the dissolution of their legendary band in 2009. The brothers had a series of disagreements over artistic choices and professional approaches, and their feuds continued to make news long after the band’s breakup, creating suspension around the possibility of a reunion. However, it wasn’t just their disputes that kept them in the public eye; both Noel and Liam have continued to make music separately, and their respective fan bases remain as dedicated as ever.

In fact, in a surprising twist, it was recently announced that Noel Gallagher would collaborate with The Black Keys on their highly anticipated next album. The news excited fans of both acts, who have eagerly awaited the release of the new music. Carney recently discussed the experience of working with the musician and shared his thoughts on the Gallagher brothers.

The drummer revealed that he and his bandmates thoroughly enjoyed their time with Noel, whom they affectionately nicknamed ‘The Chord Lord’ due to his perfectionism with his playing. The band’s admiration for both Noel and Liam’s music led them not only to collaborate with the former but also to hire Greg Kurstin, the producer behind the latter’s hit song ‘Everything’s Electric,’ for their new album.

His words about the brothers went as follows:

“He’s hilarious and super talented. We were referring to him as ‘The Chord Lord’ because he’s just a perfectionist with it. Dan [Auerbach] and I are big fans of him and Liam. Actually, the Liam song ‘Everything’s Electric’ is why we decided to work with Kurstin.”

The collaboration between The Black Keys and Noel Gallagher promises to be an exciting fusion of talent, passion, and perfectionism. Fans of both bands can hardly wait for the release of new music, which will likely showcase the best of what each artist has to offer.