Ted Nugent’s Wife Shemane Wins Battle Against X After Two Years

Ted Nugent’s wife Shemane Nugent is back on X after two years.

2 years ago, Shemane Nugent was banned from almost all of her social media platforms due to her controversial posts. Recently, she shared a video on her official Instagram account to share the news that she is back on social media, explaining how she finally got her account back. In the caption of the video, she wrote:

“I’m back! Twitter finally reinstated me after more than two years! Somehow this live video turned into a spiritual warfare discussion. Would you like to do more?”

Additionally, she took to X for the first time in two years, stating:

“Is it true? Has my account been reinstated after more than 2 years?! Comment ‘Yes’ below if you see this!”

Why Was Shemane Banned?

In 2021, Shemane Nugent was banned from Twitter for sharing an Instagram reel where she made a ‘joke’ about Donald Trump returning as President of the United States. Following her account suspension, she took to Instagram to express concerns about ‘Christian conservatives being suppressed.’

Before she was banned, Shemane shared a memory from one of her hunts on Instagram, fully aware that she might become a target for animal rights activists and could even face potential bans from social media platforms due to the post.

Alongside her husband, who stated that animals do not have any rights, Shemane too expressed no guilt or shame in sharing photos with hunted animals, as she believes it serves a purpose. Despite anticipating negative reactions and potential bans, Shemane posted a photo on Instagram posing with a dead animal. She acknowledged the likelihood of receiving hateful messages from animal activists but conveyed that she is unapologetically proud of contributing to the well-being of people by engaging in wild animal hunting.

Ted Nugent Took Action

Ted Nugent also declared that his wife’s suspension from Twitter was a result of violating the platform’s policy by spreading what he deemed ‘anti-American’ and ‘anti-freedom’ misinformation. He called on his fans to take action. Additionally, Nugent went on to promote his wife’s book, asserting that she saved lives through its content.

You can see the Instagram post here and the X post below.