Ted Nugent Warns Fans About Having An ’Ex-Call Girl’ As Vise President And A ‘Dementia Patient’ As President

Rock veteran Ted Nugent took his official Facebook account to share a new post and criticized the new president of the United States once again.

As you might remember, Donald Trump and Joe Biden raced for the presidency last year, and Biden won the race as he became the 46th president of the United States. However, Trump made a questionable statement and claimed that there was fraud in the election.

Afterward, Trump increased the violence in his speech and led some of the people to attack the capital of the country. Because of that, most people blamed Trump for the incident. But, Ted was still supporting Trump and claimed that he didn’t encourage people to attack the capital.

Yesterday, Ted wanted to show his support to Trump once again and criticized the Biden’s government once again to show how bad they are doing right now as he called the ex-call girl to vise president, AOC, and dementia patient to Biden.

Here is what Ted Nugent wrote:

“The devil sits at the throne. So let me get this straight… We have a dementia patient occupying the White House

An ex call girl as VP. A transvestite over our health and human services. A crack head’s buddy is head of the DEA. Hunter’s other buddy is at DOJ. The guy who was sleeping with a Chinese spy is with our homeland security

We are now borrowing all our money from China. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants are coming in for OUR jobs and Social Security benefits. And they are still focusing on impeaching a President that’s not there anymore. Add this in with the 50K+ jobs lost in the first week. Yet Biden is pro America?”

You can check out the post below.

The devil sits at the throne.So let me get this straight ….We have a dementia patient occupying the White…

Posted by Ted Nugent on Saturday, February 13, 2021