Ted Nugent Says Courtney Love Probably Blew Kurt Cobain’s Brain Up

Ted Nugent recently addressed the icons who passed away due to their heavy consumption of drugs and alcohol in his Facebook live video. Ted also mentioned Courtney Love‘s impact on the tragic death of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.

In April 1994, Kurt Cobain passed away and his death was ruled as suicide. He had left a suicide note that went public in which he stated that the world would be a better place without him so he decided to leave. This event shook the entire world, and his band Nirvana disbanded after his death. At the time, he was married to Courtney Love. There were numerous conspiracy theories revolving around his death, suggesting that Courtney might be the one who took her husband’s life.

Many filmmakers and journalists tried to investigate the event in their own way. Some stated that it was difficult for the singer to shoot himself with a large shotgun and pull the trigger with so many drugs in his system, and concluded that he in fact might have been murdered. However, due to lack of evidence, this was never proven.

Because of the couple’s on-and-off relationship, many believed that it was Courtney who did this, but then again, there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that. Even after 28 years after the horrifying event, people continue to talk about it and aren’t shy to come up with these theories. Recently, Ted Nugent also indicated that he doesn’t believe it was suicide. He mentioned the ‘uncomfortably dumb‘ state of both Kurt and Courtney due to their drug abuse. According to Ted, Courtney might be the one who blew Kurt’s brains up.

Here is what Nugent said:

“Chris Farley did the same thing, Jimmy Hendrix and all of them. Jim Morrison, all of them. Kurt Cobain, Courtney probably blew his brains up. They’re both just stoned, mindless, uncomfortably dumb drug-abusing, substance-abusing idiots. Don’t be a substance-abusing, suicidal idiot. Clean and sober is the best way. Now I have friends that like to smoke dope and get drunk, I don’t like it.”

Nugent disapproved of people who used drugs and alcohol and overdosed on these substances, like Jimmy Hendrix and Jim Morrison who both passed away from drug and alcohol-related complications. Ted called Hendrix, Morrison, and Cobain idiots for abusing substances and made it very clear that he doesn’t like smoking or drinking.