Ted Nugent Reflects On Lemmy Kilmister Covering His Song ‘Cat Scratch Fever’


During his recent interview with Talkin’ Rock With Meltdown, Ted Nugent expressed his thoughts about the late Motörhead icon Lemmy Kilmister‘s ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ cover. He talked about his reaction toward the singer after hearing that version by giving details.

Ted Nugent released his third studio album entitled ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ on May 13, 1977, and it became very popular and commercially successful worldwide. Rock and roll lovers listened to the record’s self-titled track, and most fans described it as their favorites. Therefore, as one of Nugent’s best songs of all time with its well-crafted sounds, different bands and artists decided to cover the song for their works.

Motörhead’s cover took place in their eleventh studio album, ‘March ör Die.’ Along with them, Pantera performed the song for their ‘Detroit Rock City’ soundtrack project. Even though metalheads appreciated and loved their versions, Nugent disagreed with them. Following the host’s question about the best cover song from his works, Uncle Ted responded, saying that he never liked his songs’ covers.

Nugent showed Motörhead’s and Pantera’s versions of ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ as examples and revealed that he didn’t love them. However, the rocker added that he shared his gratitude and appreciation with Kilmister and Pantera members. He stated they were angry at him because of saying ‘Caucasian,’ which is a racial slur. It will be a challenging job for the musician who will cover his songs if they want to make Nugent love them.

The host’s question read:

“The best cover song you ever heard from one of your songs?”

Nugent responded:

“Unfortunately, I never have. I’ve heard the versions of ‘Cat Scratch Fever,’ I love Pantera, Lemmy, and I love The Ramones, but God, are they terminally Caucasian or what? However, when I heard Lemmy’s version of ‘Cat Scratch Fever,’ I thanked him, and I do appreciate it. When I heard Pantera’s version of ‘Cat Scratch Fever,’ I thanked them, but I think they’re angry at me because I called them Caucasian, which I think is a racial slur somewhere.”

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