Ted Nugent Reacts To Dee Snider ‘Celebrating His Sickness’


During his latest appearance on his official YouTube channel, Ted Nugent referred to Dee Snider‘s celebrating his sickness. The rocker said making fun of illness is not something a nice person can do, and he doesn’t understand Snider’s actions.

The feud between Ted Nugent and Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider goes way back to their statements regarding their stance on the coronavirus pandemic. Ted Nugent has attracted criticism for his views on the ongoing pandemic since its outbreak. He refers to the coronavirus as the ‘Chinese virus’ and claims it was created in a lab. He also finds the vaccines useless.

Following his controversial statements on the coronavirus pandemic, the singer contracted the virus in April 2021. Many artists, including Testament’s lead guitarist Alex Skolnick and Dee Snider, mocked him following his diagnosis. When Skolnick shared a post on Twitter related to Nugent’s statements, Snider replied to him by saying that it was beautiful to see Nugent testing positive. Following that, Nugent slammed Snider for being a horrible person for celebrating his sickness.

During his recent appearance, Ted Nugent couldn’t remember Dee Snider’s name at first, and then, people reminded him in the comments section. The singer said they used to get along, and he thought Snider was a nice guy, yet his opinions about him have changed now. Snider celebrated his sickness and made fun of him, which Nugent finds rotten. Ted Nugent said he still doesn’t understand Snider’s ‘nasty hate’ towards him and why he acted like that at that moment.

Ted Nugent’s words on Dee Snider:

“What is the guy’s name? ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It.’ Dee Snider, yeah. Nice guy, I thought. But if you make fun of someone getting sick, you’re not a nice guy, Dee. What happened? We always got along, and then you celebrated my sickness, and you don’t know how rotten that is. Dee, you are not a rotten guy. Dee, if you have a problem with Ted Nugent, there is only one person you discuss that with, Ted Nugent.

If I have a problem with Dee Snider, I am addressing you, Dee. I would like to talk to you. What caused that nasty hate? ‘You said bad things about Hillary Clinton’ because Hillary Clinton destroys everything she touches. She is a dishonest, heretical, violating criminal. That’s not mean; that’s the truth. ‘But you said ‘Suck on my machine gun.”

Dee, my friend, have you ever said ‘F you’ to someone but not really intentionally pursuing sex with that person. Are you kidding me? Do you think I would ever want her lips anywhere near my firearms? You are not aware of street terms. You must be because I understand you are a good father and a good husband. So why were you such a prick at that moment? I just don’t get it.”

You can watch the entire video below.