Ted Nugent Announces His Resignation From National Rifle Association

Veteran rocker and pro-gun activist, Ted Nugent, shared a post to declare his resignation from the NRA board of directors which he was part of it for twenty-six years and he revealed the reasons behind his departure on his official Facebook account.

National Rifle Association was founded on November 17, 1871, to protect American citizens’ right of carrying guns. Since then, the members of the association have aimed to teach firearm safety and competency through publishing informative magazines and organizing several events. However, NRA has been targeted by gun control advocacy groups after the mass shooting incidents in the various high schools of the US.

As a pro-gun activist and supporter of the Second Amendment, Ted Nugent served on the NRA board of directors for twenty-six years. He was such a dedicated member of the association that he even targeted the current president of the USA Joe Biden who started to work on gun regulation laws. Nugent always emphasized that all American citizens have the right to keep arms during his live streams.

In his recent Facebook post, Ted Nugent announced that he resigned from his position on the NRA board of directors. The main reason behind his resignation was the schedule conflicts between NRA meetings and his own plans to fight for the Second Amendment. He added that he will be a dedicated supporter of gun rights and also he reflected his gratitude for the members of the association.

Nugent stated in his Facebook post that:

“Dear Fellow NRA Board of Directors, Members, Friends, and Second Amendment Warriors:

The time has come for me to face the dangers of burning the candle at both ends. I have been honored and humbled to represent all those great Americans that voted for me to serve on the NRA BOD for the last 26 years, and will not only continue my calling to fight for the return of the Second Amendment but to actually increase my exposing and crushing those evil forces who would deny such basic freedoms to Americans.

I was not voted onto the board as an accountant, administrator, paper shuffler, or bureaucrat, but rather to lead the charge of the good guys against the bad guys in this vile culture war that has reached a deafening roar.

I salute you and thank you for your never-ending dedication to fight for our right to keep and bear arms, and though not sitting on the board with you, I will indeed be in the heat of battle on the not-so-main streets of America every damn day, as always.

So due to constant scheduling conflicts, I hereby resign my position on the NRA Board of Directors, wishing you well and Godspeed.

God bless America,

Ted Nugent and family.”

Consequently, Ted Nugent apparently will continue to fight for US citizens’ right to keep and bear arms which has been heavily criticized by the gun control supporters even though he announced his resignation from the NRA board of directors.