Stryper’s Michael Sweet Reflects On Overcoming His Wife’s Passing

We hear the stories of people falling ill and losing their lives, but we never think it might come knocking at our doors. When it does, and the doctor pronounces the diagnosis, it’s like the world shatters and hospital journeys begin. If we fail to recover, then grief takes over everyone close to the loved one.

When it does happen, and we lose that one person, we look for someone to blame to ease the pain. Stryper’s Michael Sweet, who lost his wife Kyle Rae in 2009 to ovarian cancer, shared a post on Facebook to give his fans an insight into how he had overcome his wife’s passing.

“It’s interesting how we often blame God for good things that happen to us and for bad things that happen to us,” the singer began his words. “My view is that God is not a genie in the sky waiting on every command from every human being. We treat God like that many times. All of us.”

The Stryper vocalist continued, “I believe God wants nothing but the best for us yet protects us from our foolishness. We can’t just pray or snap our fingers, ask for something, and expect it to be done. It just doesn’t work that way.”

Sweet also opened up about his relationship with God at the time of his wife’s passing after two years of fighting cancer, saying, “So often we praise him when we’re blessed then curse him when we’re not. And sometimes, we even hate God. I cursed God when Kyle passed. Believe me. I was extremely pissed at God.”

He lastly added, “Then, as time passed, I realized God had nothing to do with it. It was simply life and what happens in life. Life brings joy, and life brings tragedy. Through the good and the bad, we become stronger and more resilient. At least, I’d like to think so. We have free will, and God respects that. He doesn’t control us like robots. We’re not puppets, and God is not pulling the strings. Let’s all give God a break.”

As time went on, the musician realized that even if it is hard at the time, we come out of hard experiences and challenges with much more strength to keep moving forward and be ready for what life throws at us next. Rest in peace, Kyle Rae Sweet.