Stryper’s Michael Sweet Reflects On Having Vocal Issues

In his recent Instagram post, Stryper lead singer Michael Sweet revealed that they tuned down from their original tuning when he had difficulty hitting the high notes.

It is widespread for singers to face problems related to their vocals at some point in their careers. Over-singing or going beyond healthy singing limits may cause vocal injuries to many singers. They need training on using their voices properly to encounter as few problems as possible.

Still, singers are likely to get tired after countless gigs, especially during the shows. Thus, some bands prefer to tune down at least a half-step to make the songs easier to sing and comfort the instruments. Therefore, they can also prevent the singers from severe vocal damage. Michael Sweet also addressed this issue and how they handled it during the live shows in his recent Instagram post.

The singer explained that he was proud that they remained loyal to their original tuning up to this point of their career, yet it became harder to maintain. Over the last few years, Sweet has realized that he had difficulty hitting the high notes.

Thus, they started to look for solutions to keep performing at the same level. They ultimately agreed on tuning down a half-step, which led the rocker to sing much more easily. The singer went through their last eighteen shows without any vocal issues that would force him on the stage.

Michael Sweet’s Instagram post read:

“I was always proud that we were one of the few bands that didn’t tune down from our original tuning. We’ve always tuned to E flat (VH tuning) and did it up until now. Over the last few years, I’ve noticed that it’s been a little tougher hitting the high notes. And to sing a 21-song set for all of us was getting a little harder as well.

So, I reached out to Kip Winger and C. J. Snare and asked them what they tuned to these days, and they both texted back ‘D.’ I told Kip I felt like a cop-out tuning down a half a step, and he said, ‘screw that, you’ll gain ten years on your singing career.’ So, we finally dropped down a half step (D), and I have found that it’s not only much easier to hit the ‘high’ notes, but it’s just much easier to sing these songs.

We did an 18-show run, and I made it through without vocal issues. I was able to retain my range and high end and sing much more consistently night after night. I’m a different singer these days (I’ll be 59 in July), but I’m very thankful that I still get to do what I love to do, play and sing! I hope you all enjoyed the tour, and I look forward to next time.”

The band just finished their US tour, joined by Skid Row and Tesla. In May, the band hit the road and gave their last performance on May 28, 2022, in Orlando, Florida. Stryper also recently recorded their new album, which they aim to release within 2022.