Sting Reflects On His Fear To Disappoint Fans


Sting recently gave an interview to Entertainment Today in which he revealed his concerns about disappointing his fans.

As you may know, the award-winning musician Sting recently kicked off his Las Vegas residency ‘My Songs’ at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. ‘My Songs’ presents Sting’s most popular songs with accompanying visual references to his inspirations and iconic music videos. With this residency, the musician makes his fans witness the greatest hits from his prolific career.

Apart from his classic hits, Sting also performs brand new songs from his upcoming album ‘The Bridge’ during his Las Vegas gig. The long-awaited album will drop on November 19, and the singer recently released the first single, ‘If It’s Love.’

Speaking about his Las Vegas residency, Sting confessed his fears to Entertainment Today. In the interview, the musician said that he didn’t want to disappoint his fans as they have waited so long for the show. He then stated that they bought the tickets for the show about 18 months ago and waited patiently for the date, which he doesn’t take for granted.

Sting told Entertainment Today that:

“You know, people bought those tickets 18 months ago and held on to them, and I don’t take that for granted. There’s a lot of other things to distract you, but, you know, I wanted to make good on that commitment we made, and I think we did.”

Sting’s ‘My Songs’ residency runs through November 13 and will resume in June 2022. Tickets for the performances are on sale now, along with the VIP packages. The VIP packages include a Stage Seating Experience, a moderated Q&A with Sting, and an exclusive photo with the singer on stage.

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