Stillwell Vocalist Rejects Rumors About Fieldy’s Departure Reason From Korn

A rocker’s life might not be as fun as it might seem to us outsiders. At least, things hadn’t been going well for Fieldy when he announced his departure from Korn, saying he had to take some time off to heal. Since then, people have loved speculating about it. However, the bassist’s Stillwell bandmate and friend Anthony ‘Q-Unique’ Quiles recently chatted with the Nobodies and stated that the rumors didn’t have any truth.

Since his announcement, there have been many rumors of why Fieldy had left Korn, as the bassist released a statement noting that he had fallen back into bad habits again and needed to take some to get better and heal. After this, many argued that he had relapsed into his addiction problems and had been using hard drugs. However, Q-Unique debunked all of these rumors as he discussed what ‘really’ was happening with the musician.

“I know a lot of Korn fans wanna know where [Fieldy is] at,” started the Stillwell rocker as he disclosed how his friend had been doing. “I just wanna say this, for the record, he’s okay. He’s not on drugs. I’m saying this; he doesn’t have to say sh*t.”

Q-Unique then continued by addressing all the speculations, saying, “I don’t read them all the time, but I see the comments. And as best friends, you wanna defend your friend, And I don’t do it, I don’t go online and do it, but because we’re talking, I just wanna say the conspiracy theories about Fieldy, about him being on drugs or this or that, it’s, like….”

Apparently, Fieldy has been doing great. Anthony noted, “Look, man, the guy, since the pandemic and since we’ve been working, he jumped into yoga, he’s been cleaning up his diet, he’s been taking care of his kids, he’s been writing songs with me and Wuv [the drummer]. So all of these things that I see, and I know Wuv sees them… You don’t wanna argue with these people, but to set the record straight, and because you guys are providing a platform, I just wanna say that he’s okay.”

So, it’s a delight for any Korn fan to know that the bassist is doing alright and on the path of healing mentally. Fieldy had also previously disclosed that there was no bad blood between him and his former bandmates as their bond was strong enough not to be broken easily, and they still had love and respect for one another.