Stewart Copeland Likens The Police’s Impact To AC/DC And Led Zeppelin’s

The Police drummer Stewart Copeland recently discussed his upcoming album ‘Police Beyond Borders’ in an interview with DD India. During the conversation, the drummer reflected on how the real ‘OGs’ (originals) like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and The Police have preserved their popularity even though the times have changed.

In the interview, he was asked about his thoughts on changes in time, technology, language, and his evolution as an artist. The drummer shared the miracle that happened to him during the 2000s and replied:

“Well, some artists don’t change, they stay the same. A miracle happened somewhere around the year 2000, and I’ve talked to Rolling Stones about this; I’ve talked to Ringo Starr, and I asked them the same question: ‘Did you ever think that your music would last?’ And their answer was, ‘No, we made the music to be consumed like a sandwich, forgotten, then we make another record the next day.'”

Copeland seemed to be surprised at the rediscovery of the most classic bands during the 2000s, which also included The Police. He continued:

“To all of our surprise, around the year 2000, kids rediscovered what they call the OG, the originals; and somehow, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, [The Rolling Stones], and fortunately, that included The Police. Kids rediscovered, and these things came back into fashion. The Rolling Stones were suddenly hip again.”

The drummer then shared what he focused on after the break up of The Police and how it affected him:

“But I think what keeps moving me forward, because I have very short attention span, was that when The Police ended, I became a film composer. And as a film composer, I was not an artist, I was an employee and a film director who says, ‘Go here, go there, go there.’ I would never have gone there as an artist. I was forced to learn new things.”

Copeland’s upcoming album features the Grammy-winning Indian composer Ricky Kej. According to the drummer, it was Kej who suggested turning The Police derangements into a global album. He also seems to be confident that the listeners will enjoy it. He stated:

“I am certain our listeners will enjoy these legendary songs in a way they would have never imagined and realize that music is the most universal language.”

The album is set to be released on October 27.